Washroom Hygiene Services
Washroom Hygiene Services


Washroom Hygiene Services


In any washroom the most important aspect after sanitation is always hygiene, as it helps to reduce the chance of diseases being spread. For many years Pest Pure Solutions has been providing professional and efficient washroom disposal facilities across Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath.

Our dedicated team of hygiene specialists can:

  • maintain the internal hygiene of the bins
  • dispose of garbage from the bins on a daily basis
  • ensure no physical contact with unhygienic bins
  • help people in disposing accordingly in two sections: plastic and synthetic, and paper
  • tackle bad odours from disposal bins
  • spray germicides which are effective in reducing the spread of germs
Washroom Hygiene Services


Regular checking of sanitation facilities is absolutely essential for any washroom. We’ll make sure that hand dryers, soap dispensers, toilet seat disinfectants, toilet roll dispensers, surface sanitisers and towel dispensers are re-filled regularly, as well re-stocking the vending machines that contain sanitary, medicinal, contraceptive and cleaning products. 

We’ll also make sure they’re all working correctly, with a regular programme of maintenance that keeps all these vital sanitation utilities operating at peak efficiency. 

From our base in Lucan we travel across Dublin and surrounding counties, keeping washrooms sanitised, maintained and well stocked.

Washroom Hygiene Services


It is very important to properly dispose of the feminine hygiene waste in the workplace or in any public restroom. The workplace needs to be hygienic and clean and that is the reason why we encourage you to take proper precautions for the benefit of your female employees. Our Feminine Hygiene Units will not only protect the ladies from contracting infection, they will also make the environment inside the washroom much cleaner and safer. Each unit contains feminine hygiene products, scented bin liners, anti-bacterial bins, disinfectant solutions and much more.

We can also provide special sanitary bins which have built-in antibacterial technology. These will improve the hygiene conditions within the washroom and also help in the cleaning procedures. These sanitary bins have easier disposal facilities with far less exposure of the contents inside.

Washroom Hygiene Services


Another key concern for washrooms is keeping them free of unpleasant odours. No one will use the facilities if there is a bad smell and word will quickly get around that your hygiene attention is poor, potentially leading to a drop in customers and a poor reputation. It’s therefore extremely important to ensure that the washroom retains it’s freshness at all times.

We will provide the best quality air fresheners, including ones specifically designed for urinals. We’ll also regularly dispose of any waste and implement a rigorous cleaning regime, keeping the washroom users content and reducing the chance of any foul smells from occurring.

    Washroom Hygiene Services


    Pest Pure Solutions can provide eco-mats which are specially designed to break down the limescale that accumulates around waste outlet urinals. Their mint fragrance is also particularly useful in combating bad odours. No external fixture is needed as the mat can simply be laid over the urinals to provide cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance.

    A simple. straightforward and highly effective solution which should be an essential part of any washroom.

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