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 As one of Dublin’s leading pest control experts, our commercial and domestic pest control services are to identify and eradicate problem pest activity including:

  • Rodent control – Rats & Mice;
  • Ant infestations in your workplace or home;
  • Pharmaceutical pest control;
  • Nursing Homes pest control & hygiene services;
  • Wasps Nest removal;
  • Cockroaches, Silverfish, Bed bugs, Moths, Fleas;
  • Bird control;
  • Pest-proofing;
  • Washroom hygiene services;
  • and much more…
Pest Pure Solutions Services



FLIES (Diptera)

Flies carry deadly germs, as they breed on rotten food, manure and garbage. With proper hygiene and sanitation methods, along with extermination procedures, fly removal is entirely possible or can at minimum be kept below the agreed tolerance levels.

Pest Pure Solutions provide the latest environmentally friendly LED Electric Fly Killing machines and fly screen technologies.



WASPS (Vespula Vulgaris)

Wasp nests are formed by chewed wood and paper and may become very large. They are a nuisance pest and potentially more serious if the nest is in close proximity to residential and commercial buildings. Wasps are usually feared for their ability to sting, which can be very painful and on rare occasions may be lethal.

Our technicians are specialised in all areas of pest control and will consider the safety of others and themselves before carrying out a risk assessment prior to treatment of the wasp hive.



ANTS (Formicidae)


The most common ants you may come across are the Common Black Ant and the Garden Ant, although from time to time you may come across the Pharaoh’s Ant or Ghost Ant.

The Common Black Ant is particularly attracted to sweet substances and vast numbers of them will contaminate human foods. Pest Pure Solutions have devised effective techniques for ant control and extermination of ant colonies.



BED BUGS (Cimex Lectularius)

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites which feed on mammalian blood, mainly human, but they have also been found on rodents, cats and dogs, among others. They can be found hiding in cracks and crevices during the day and will emerge when hungry to feed. They are a worldwide pest that is commonly found in hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. Bites can cause irritation and allergic reaction but bed bugs are not known to carry diseases. Thorough treatments of the bed and surrounding areas is necessary and it may take up to three visits to completely eradicate them.



FLEAS (Siphonaptera)

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of any warm-blooded body. The most common species is the cat flea, which often feasts on cats, dogs and humans.

Pest Pure Solutions’ technicians use the latest tried and tested treatments to eradicate these pests.



MOSQUITOS (Culicidae)

Mosquitoes are known to spread infections and diseases. From spreading the Zika virus to causing malaria and dengue, mosquitoes can be potentially harmful for both homes and businesses.

Mosquito control is quintessential to human health and our trained experts do exactly that using hygienic pest control methods like fly screens, fly curtains and LED Electric Fly Killers. A residual insecticide treatment may be necessary in extreme conditions.




a Silverfish is a small, wingless, bristletail insect in the order Thysanura. Its common name derives from the animal’s silvery light grey colour, combined with the fish-like appearance of its movements. The diet of both the Silverfish and Firebrats mainly consists of carbohydrate-rich foods and protein-rich gums and pastes from wall paper, manuscripts and fine textiles.

We use the latest approved methods to eradicate these pests and a follow up treatment is recommended depending on the severity of the problem.



SPIDERS (Arachnida)

Many spiders in Ireland aren’t poisonous. Bites from False Widow Spiders (Family Theridiidae) can sometimes produce bad swellings and illness and may need medical attention. The False Widow Spiders generally live in undisturbed areas, such as outhouses or sheds, and don’t usually bite unless threatened.

Our Certified Field Biologist is familiar with the False Widow Spider and can call out, identify and remove it and its web and possibly carry out a localised insecticidal spray treatment if deemed necessary



COCKROACHES (Dictyoptera)

There are many different types of cockroaches but the main two in Ireland are German and Oriental. When a cockroach gets into your house or business it’s looking for food, water and shelter. They will travel along baseboards until they find a suitable area that can support those basic needs. Common areas of roach-refuge include kitchen cabinets, hot presses, and the spaces behind and under the refrigerator, microwave ovens, ducting and basements. Good hygiene practises (HACCP) along with cockroach monitoring and baiting will remove them completely, aided by regular inspections.



Rats, Mice & other vermin

The word rodent comes from the Latin word “rodere”, meaning to gnaw. Rodents can cause significant damage to businesses and homes by destroying stored goods, affecting profits and by being a major health risk to staff and their families.

The two major rodent pests in Ireland are:

House Mouse (Mus Domestica):

It will usually build a nest in a wall cavity. 

Brown Rat or Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus):

Usually burrows on soft ground where it builds its nest.  These rodents are known as “commensal” rodents, effectively “living off man’s table”.



Bird droppings are unsightly and their acidic nature can damage buildings over time. The feathers that birds shed can block essential gutters and drainpipes and the birds themselves can pass on diseases to humans. In urban areas pigeons and gulls are a particular menace, due to them congregating on roofs, creating mess everywhere, waking up residents with early morning noises and generally being a nuisance.

Pest Pure Solutions can deploy a range of bird control measures to prevent and deter avian pests, including spikes and netting.



Two of the most common types of moths encountered are clothes moths and carpet moths. If left undisturbed, they can very quickly chew through your clothes and your carpet, as well as contaminating your food supplies. The larvae of carpet moths in particular can be a real problem as they can consume woolen or natural fibres all year round. 

Pest Pure Solutions have a range of solutions for moth control, clearing out infested areas, eradicating the eggs and larvae and reducing the population growth.



Dust Mites are microscopic insects that can be found on any type of fabric in the home – carpets, furnishings, clothes or anywhere that dust tends to accumulate. The waste that they produce can cause allergic reactions in some people and lead to a range of potential health problems. 

Pest Pure Solutions can help reduce the population density of dust mites with an array of tried and tested proven techniques.

Fully Insured & Accredited

As leading experts in the field of pest removal we are an accredited member of a number of respected industry bodies including the PROMPT Register, the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards (IASIS) and the Think Wildlife Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).

We adhere to all of the latest safety regulations and are fully insured and qualified for your peace of mind.

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